Sharepa Mac Computer

*Disclaimer: This project was completed prior to my formal training and subsequent employemnt in UX Design.

Sharepa Logo

Sharepa is a website designed specifally for travellers seeking an uncoventional hiking experience. The focus of the site is to promote eco-tourism and to draw more interest into outdoor adventure.


Create a modern travel site for a budding industry. The layout should be easy to use while also clearly showing the purpose of the service clearly without too much wording.


As this was my second project, I wanted to have a more polished looking final product. To get to this, I sketched wireframes, assembled a thematic colour palette, and based my design on modern trends within the industry. I want web visitors to understand what makes this company different compared to other travel assistants immediately when they visit the home page. The site needed to have a strong sense of the outdoors and nature throughout.

1. Home Page

As a user, when I first visit the site, I am greeted by a minimalistic landing page. I am drawn immediately to the search box to start exploring the site's offerings. When I scroll down, I am given a brief description about what the company does, followed by suggestions and features of where to begin.

Sharepa Finished UI 1

2. Book a Guide

When I enter a region in the search bar, I am returned a series of results of adventures, local guides, and more specific locations. The adventures listed are organized as either "Featured" or "Most Popular". To see a full list of these adventures, I can click "View All" to expand to the selection.

Sharepa Finished UI 2

3. Explore

As a user who frequents travel sites, the "Explore" page is one I find unique and attractive. After entering a location or region, I can view the number of offerings depending on the amount of zoom placed on the map. I can also drop in my map marking tool to show the nearest adventurer to where the marker was placed. Below, I am given a brief description of the area and an overview of the popular activities at that location. This page is exceptional for the individuals who a have a spontaneous sense of adventure.

Sharepa Finished UI 3

Lessons Learned

After completing this project, I found that web design was a much different challenge then mobile. I found there was much more space to work with and that using this white space was an advantage. I also found that using banner images and other large features to grab the user's attention was much more attainable for a website.